Examining parameter credibility across two experimental conditions

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Examining parameter credibility across two experimental conditions


I'm new to Bayesian Data Analysis and teaching myself how this works, so please let me know if I have misspoken or need to offer more information.

I am examining the variability of predictor-criterion parameter estimates across two experimental conditions. I have prior data (meta-analytic) on these parameters. Here is what I would like to do:

1. Use the meta-analytic data to inform my prior. In this case, the observed correlation coefficients vary from .11 to .39 (95%CIs from .02 to .44), depending on the coefficient in question. How do I allocate credibility across these values prior to my analysis? How do I use this information to inform my prior?

2. Given that I am examining the same predictor-criterion parameters across two experimental conditions (in this case, it involves two separate survey designs), how would I test for practical equivalence in these parameter estimates? My first thought was that I needed to test for moderation, but I think I am mistaken.

I have John Kruschke's book in case someone has a reading recommendation for me.